Editor and tooling

We provide default configurations for VS Code users. When you open the project, watch for a prompt to install the project's suggested extensions. They will provide helpful web and Rust tooling. If you use a different IDE, you won't get default configurations for the project out of the box, so please remember to format your code and check CI for errors.

Checking, linting, and formatting

While developing Rust code, cargo check, cargo clippy, and cargo fmt terminal commands may be run from the root directory. For web code, npm run lint and npm run lint-no-fix can be used from the /frontend directory to fix or view formatting issues.

If you don't use VS Code and its format-on-save feature, please remember to format before committing or consider setting up a pre-commit hook to do that automatically. Disabling VS Code's Auto Save files feature is recommended to ensure you actually save (and thus format) file changes.