Graphite logo.

The Graphite logo is made available for community use. While the software is free and open source, the brand identity is more restrictive. Please be respectful of the Graphite brand by reviewing the usage policy.

Usage policy.

The Graphite logo is not part of the software's Apache 2.0 license. Users of the logo must adhere to the usage policy:

  1. Do not use the Graphite logo as your own. It should not be used as your primary, or most visually prominent, branding. Your usage should not imply that it's a part of the official Graphite project, nor that it's endorsed or affiliated.
  2. Only use the logo when talking about, describing, referencing, or crediting the official Graphite project or software. If used as a hyperlink, it should point only to
  3. Do not modify the logo. Only the solid-colored version may be recolored if necessary, but this is discouraged.
  4. Commercial use of the logo (for example, merchandise sales) is not allowed without permission.

If in doubt, please send an email to [email protected] for permission.


Download the complete logo kit or a specific version in PNG or SVG format below.