Graphite internships: announcing participation in GSoC 2024

By Keavon Chambers. February 22, 2024.

Calling Rust and computer graphics developers: spend your summer contributing to open source and get paid by the Google Summer of Code program. We are excited to announce our first year participating as a mentoring organization in GSoC 2024. Interested prospective applicants should get involved right away and prepare proposals by the April 2 deadline.

Graphite is a new 2D graphics editor bringing a modern, nondestructive approach to creative tooling by merging both traditional raster and vector workflows with node-based compositing and procedural generation.

Google Summer of Code, now entering its 20th year, is a worldwide program that supports students getting involved in open source software development. Like other forms of summer internships, GSoC pays a stipend for participants to work on self-contained projects with the direction and guidance of experienced mentors. The program is directed towards university students but is open to anyone 18 and older. The timeline's start date is May 27 and most projects run for 12 weeks, but there is some flexibility towards pacing and end dates.

We are looking for reasonably experienced, self-motivated, fast-learning students who are interested in Rust and/or computer graphics (and for one project, machine learning). Full project descriptions are listed and we encourage prospective applicants to reach out right away to maximize the chance of acceptance.

Additional year-round opportunities are available for student capstone or independent research projects. These are run similarly, but are also available to multi-person groups and provide academic credit instead of a stipend. To date, three were completed successfully.

It is our hope that GSoC will help Graphite grow and provide valuable learning outcomes for participants. A win-win! If this is an opportunity that's right for you, begin getting involved.