About Graphite

Graphite is a community-built, open source software project that is free to use for any purpose. If you find Graphite valuable, consider supporting financially or getting involved.


The idea for Graphite began with a desire to create artwork and edit photos using free software that felt user-friendly and truly modern. Over time, that dream evolved to reconsider what "modern" meant for the landscape of 2D graphics editing. By borrowing concepts popular in 3D software, what could a procedural, nondestructive design tool look like if nothing was too ambitious? Answering that question took years of design exploration, leading to a community of savvy developers volunteering to turn that formidable dream into a reality.


Graphite strives to unshackle the creativity of every budding artist and seasoned professional by building the best comprehensive art and design tool that's accessible to all.

Mission success will come when Graphite is an industry standard. A cohesive product vision and focus on innovation over imitation is the strategy that will make that possible.


As an independent community-driven software project, Graphite will always remain free. It has no investors to answer to. Its founder keeps costs low and relies on your support while he works full-time bringing Graphite to life. To sustainably grow, the long-term funding model will pair donations with paid accounts that provide optional online services like document storage/syncing and render acceleration via cloud GPUs.

Meet the core team

Photo of Keavon Chambers

Keavon Chambers 🇺🇸



UI & product design, frontend engineering

Keavon is a creative generalist with a love for the fusion of arts and technology. Photographer, UX and graphic designer, technical artist, game developer, and everything in-between— he is equal parts designer and engineer. His multidisciplinary background in the digital arts is aptly suited for concocting the unique vision needed to bring Graphite to fruition.

Photo of Dennis Kobert

Dennis Kobert 🇩🇪


Lead Engineer

Graphene node engine, research, architecture

Dennis is a mix between a mathematician and a mad scientist. While still enjoying the art of photography and image editing (which drew him to the project early on), he thrives when challenged with designing complex systems and pushing boundaries. His method of building generalized solutions wrapped in elegant layers of abstraction led to his creation of the Graphene engine.

Photo of Hypercube

"Hypercube" 🇬🇧


Software Engineer

Editor systems, nodes, architecture

"Hypercube" is a light speed code monkey who excels at developing, refactoring, and maintaining the editor code base. With an unmatched ability to comprehend intricate code, he delivers lasting and efficient solutions at an impressive pace. He takes ownership of many central editor systems including tools, typography, transforms, layers, and node graph integration.


In addition to the work of the Core Team listed above, dozens of contributors have written code that makes Graphite what it is today:



The Graphite editor and source code are provided under the Apache License 2.0 terms. See below for details and exclusions:


More information about the Graphite logo, including its community-focused usage policy and downloadable assets, is available on the logo page: