Redefining state‑of‑the‑art graphics editing

Graphite is an in-development raster and vector graphics package that's free and open source. It is powered by a node graph compositing engine that fuses layers with nodes, bringing a procedural approach to your design workflow.

Graphite today alpha release

Vector graphics editing
Node-based layers
Procedural design workflow
Open source and free forever

Graphite is a lightweight vector graphics editor that runs offline in your browser (no sign up required) and offers the unique feature of a node-driven procedural vector workflow.

Graphite tomorrow

All-in-one creative tools for animation, art, and design
Clean, familiar interface built by designers, for designers
Multiplatform desktop app
Real-time collaborative editing


One app to rule them all

Stop jumping between programs. Planned features will make Graphite a first-class design tool for all these disciplines (listed by priority).

Graphic Design
Image Editing
Motion Graphics
Digital Painting
VFX Compositing
Desktop Publishing

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Powerful proceduralism

Graphite is the first and only graphic design app to offer procedural vector editing.

This new capability has just recently shown its potential. Now, expanding Graphite's procedural powers is the focus of development in 2024.

Proceduralism lets you create sophisticated design elements that are easy to edit and reuse. The holiday string lights shown below are built from a simple group of nodes, allowing you to effortlessly reshape the wire and update the bulb appearance and spacing. Click here to explore this demo and try dragging the wire layer's points with the Path tool ().

Vector art of Procedural String Lights

Procedural String Lights
Open this artwork to explore it yourself.

Graphite's procedural, data-driven approach to graphic design affords unique capabilities (while in alpha, these remain a work in progress):

Fully nondestructive editing with node-driven layers
Infinitely scalable raster content with no pixelation
Versatile modularity of node-based generative AI models
Procedural pipelines for studio production environments

Support the mission

You can help realize Graphite's ambitious vision of building the ultimate 2D creative tool. Graphite is built by a small, dedicated crew of volunteers in need of resources to grow.


Taking shape

All you've come to expect from a professional vector graphics editor. Now readily accessible in your browser.

Make vector art out of shapes ranging from simple geometric primitives to complex Bézier curves.
Style shapes with strokes, fills, and gradients. Mix layers with blend modes. Then export as an image or SVG.

Vector art of Just of Potted Cactus

Just a Potted Cactus
Open this artwork to explore it yourself.

Watch this timelapse showing the process of mixing traditional vector art (tracing a physical sketch and colorizing it, first two minutes) with using Imaginate to generate a background (last 45 seconds).

Graphite - Vector Editing: "Commander Basstronaut" Artwork (25x Timelapse)

(Recorded in an older version of Graphite from early 2023.)

Get involved

The Graphite project could not exist without its community. Building its ambitious and versatile feature set will require contributions from artists, designers, developers, technical experts, and eagle-eyed bug hunters. Help build the future of digital art.